Monday, June 30, 2008

MicroRecipes in 140 Characters.

MicroRecipe Chicken: SoakChickenDrums in 1cupMilk1TbspVinegar(makes buttermilk)overnight, Dredge in ParmCheeseGarlic/OnionPowder Bake350~1Hr

This makes a tender, moist piece of chicken with a nice crust. Sometimes I spoon a tablespoon of melted butter and garlic over each piece before baking.


Anonymous said...

I have chicken legs, milk, vinegar... and bygolly ..I'm gonna soak it for baking in the morning. Thx.

Grace Piper said...

You'll never cook chicken without that soaking/marinating time again after trying it. It's so much juicier and more tender. Yay!