Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Twitter Cookbook

I’ve been experimenting with using Twitter as a way of microblogging recipes that I cook in my everyday life. If you aren’t familiar with it’s a social media site that lets you stay in with friends, acquaintances and in some cases total strangers in 140 character posts. Here is the best explanation I’ve seen made by CommonCraft in the form of a fun video. My twitter name is my name with no spaces @gracepiper. If you want me to follow you after you've signed up use @gracepiper in a Twitter and ask me to add you back in.

Twitter Recipe One (This on took two tweets)

Best Baba Ghanoush Halve 2Eggplants rubwithEVOO RoastCutSideDown 400degrees tilSoft chopwithskinON Processwith 1/4cupTahini Juice1Lemon 2mincedGarlic

Cloves 1TbspCumin Add more of any of these &S/P to taste.

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Anonymous said...

when are we going to make this for Gardenfork?