Friday, October 24, 2008

Nokia Picked Me! They Like Me, They Really, Really Like Me.

Nokia will be loaning me their new N96 phone to take on a test drive. One of 20 video/new media types for this project chosen from around the world, I'll be documenting a day in my life and letting you know my thoughts on this device(If warrented, I'll be harsh). My question for you is what should I shoot? I produce shows that revolve around food, but I'm also in the tech industry and working on a startup of my own.

I spend time in Brooklyn and also Manhattan.
There should be some classic NY moments, some food, maybe a geek out technology moment, certainly some social media, but I really want to know is what you'd like to see me do. I think it should culminate in a big party that night so I can get all of you on this documentary too. Stay tuned for details about that.

Here is some of Nokia's request that I participate:
"We’re offering trial N96s to 20 social media and video enthusiasts to film mobi-documentaries of ‘a day in their life’.

Basically, we’d like you to create a mobi-documentary using the video functionality of the N96, capturing the passions and activities that make up your day. This will be uploaded onto Nokia viNe, their new site currently in beta (you can check it out here: and geo-located with GPS, so we have a nationwide video collage of what our very individual trialists do with their day.

At the link above you can see the map of the world with dots pointing out our locations. I'm very much looking forward to getting in touch with the other participants.


Anonymous said...

Two things I'd love to see from a performance standpoint is how it does on the move (walking down the street, panning, etc) and also in low light.

Congrats on being picked. I look forward to watching.

Anonymous said...

(crossing over from Twitter again)

"One of my brothers didn't know you could freeze leftover cooked chicken/turkey. Has only ever frozen raw meat. I am failing my family."

I thought it was dangerous to refreeze cooked meat. Am I wrong?

[Sorry if this is obnoxious, will stop if you ask]

missbhavens said...

How was the phone??