Saturday, October 25, 2008

Behind the Scenes at The Food Network Shoot

I was invited to a Supper Club in Brooklyn recently that also happened to be shooting the meal for a web show that The Food Network will launch sometime soon. I ended up helping out in the kitchen making a quick tahini sauce for their really inspired mini falafel appetizer.
This is a quick glimpse behind the scenes. I also talked with one of the housemates who lives in this Brooklyn loft, but isn't one of the cooks.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated - I have a tweet recipe request (I can't use twitter to ask you unless you follow me, and of course you're not going to follow all of your readers back)

What do you do with ambercup squash?

Grace Piper said...

What's your twitter name? :) I'll add you in.

As for ambercup squash, never heard of it.

Running off to google....

OK, so it looks like a pumpkin and has a dry sweet taste. What I would do is what I do with butternut, acorn and other winter squashes. Wash and dry the skin, halve it, scoop out the seeds and bake it cut side down on a *really* well oiled (olive oil) cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour. It's done when you press the skin and it gives quite easily.

Before baking I hit it with lots of salt and pepper, and sometimes a coat of maple syrup or molasses during the last 20 min of baking. If you think it tastes very dry I would scoop it out and mash it with at least 3 tablespoons of butter and maybe some cream, until you think the texture is right. Salt it key here, so keep tasting it and add a little at a time.

Thanks for checking out my site,

Anonymous said...

Poor crew! They didn't get fed?? How sad!

Love your videos! The only problem is that they seem to be loading slow.

Did you try using or Seeismic for video hosting?

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Glad to be friends!

Gabi @

Naunihal said...

Grace - my twitter ID is naunihal, I'm a friend of limeduck's.

I decided to try a thai red curry with the squash, but I will definitely try your suggestion next time ...