Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Molecular Gastronomy and Me
This field of cooking is something that has appealed to me since I first read about it. In addition to being a cook, I'm also a science geek with a degree in Biotechnology. The idea of chefs and chemists working together is so exciting. When the opportunity to eat at WD~50 in the Lower East Side with my pal Steven Cobb I jumped.

It was the most unique meals of my life and I was lucky enough to go into the kitchen and thank Chef Wylie Dufresne. I'm sure it's annoying to have people come into your kitchen, but he was a good sport about it. I did have to put him in a headlock to get this photo, but it had to be done. :)

Here is the 12 course tasting menu we had:
  1. Chicken terrine, tikka consomme, cranberry, watercaress
  2. Grilled corn pebbles, lime mayo, scallion
  3. Knot foie
  4. Horseradish chestnut soup, smoked mackerel, verjus
  5. Eggs Benedict
  6. Crab tail, soy bean noodles, cinnamon dashi
  7. Chicken liver spaetzle, pine needle, radish, cocoa nib
  8. Beef tongue, cherry-miso, fried quinoa, palm seeds
  9. Ricotta, capers, frozen honey
  10. Jasmine custard, black tea, banana
  11. Toasted coconut cake, carob, smoked cahew, brown butter sorbet
  12. Concord grape sorbet-black sesame

Here is a shot of the most delicious morsel I've ever put in my mouth. It was only 5 small kernels of the Grilled corn pebbles, but each one was a revelation. Smoky and sweet with a shocking dry texture. The odd thing is that after I ate all 5 I was satisfied. The flavor was so profound I couldn't have eaten any more that night, though I'd love some right now.

Can we have better food through science? Maybe, but I think what I appreciated most about this dinner was the playfulness of the menu. Turning conventional food on its head.

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Sandy Smith said...

I want to eat this! Right now! :)