Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pot Roast Done Vloggy-Style
Watch what happen when Grace gets personal and cooks up a big hunk of beef.


Joe C said...

Hey Grace!
Nice to see you vlogging again. A good pot roast is one of my fave meals. A few months ago, one of my work friends turned us on to the recipe for Shoney's Pot Roast, which is great, and results in the most falling-apart tender roast but... it takes many steps, which my wife rebelled at after making it a couple times. So now, she does it much as you did, basically just cooking it for a long time.

She used to make it in a cooking bag, which didn't work. It came out tough and dry. Now, she cooks it in the pot like you did. We will have to try the red wine, which I don't think she does now.
See you soon, again, I hope!

missbhavens said...

Yay! A vloggy roast! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, too -- not a vlog requirement, I assure you, BUT it is ALWAYS appreciated!

That looked damn good. I will make that. Looks like fab Winter food.

God, I love meat. I was a vegetarian for several years a long time ago, but I don't think I could do it again. Damn animals are too tasty.

We should have a MeatMeatMeat Meet-up! A Meat-up!

Anonymous said...

I've been having bad luck with the meat on the home front. I'd like to blame my oven, but I think its because I haven't put in the care and patience you do. Thanks for the reminder!

Paul Knight said...

looks great, hope you have as much fun filming as editing.

You could get a copy of Final Cut Express to make it better.

BTW, us brits, cover the Joint in lard and roast it for 2 hours, then add gravy for the authentic British Roast beef, sad I know, but if you want any British recipes ask, that's all ask.....

Steve Garfield said...

Hey Grace,
That was fun!

I think my mom made pot roast in a bag... Maybe a plastic bag? Never could understand why the bag didn't melt in the oven.

She also has a recipe for chicken in a paper bag. She never had a fire with that either...

Maybe I can do a cooking show with my mom some time. That would be fun.

Grace Piper said...

@joec yeah if it's more than a few step forget it. The whole point is that you get it in the oven and then forget it.

@Steve I clearly need to look into this cooking in bags business!

@missbhavens I am in favor of a Meat-Up.

@nathan buy an oven thermometer for $10. It makes a huge difference. You need to know if your oven runs hot or cold. Could be a 10-20 degree difference.

@Paul You had me at "Joint in Lard" :))))

Thanks Guys,

Eric Skiff said...

This was awesome, and totally made me hungry for pot roast. Any way we could get the recipe?

Definitely, please keep doing these! My vote is don't worry about production quality as much as keeping it fun for you so that you can keep doing it :)