Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Geek Peeps at the Brooklyn 2.0 Meetup

I was feeling the New Media/Video Podcasting/Blogger love last night at the Brooklyn 2.0 Meetup. This meetup attracted a great crowd to Mooney's Pub in Park Slope thanks to organizer Eric Rochow of GardenFork. Check out his terrific recipe for blueberry pancakes on his video podcast; in this same podcast you’ll learn how to fell a tree with a chainsaw.

Old friends, like Caleb Clark stopped in. Caleb challenged me to a FearlessCooking episode using his lox recipe, definitely a -white glove smacked against the face- moment for me. Charles Hope of talked code with David of social networking site Ning, I left them to it after noticing that the conversation started sounding like, “beep, beep, beep” type robot talk to me. John of Google was another code monkey floating around talking smack about Bangor, Maine small town living and telling me about working on iGoogle- lots more cool features rolling out there soon. Yahoo better watch out. Talked with Stephen Kline of about the challenges of doing live video on the net.

Had a great conversation about the merits of Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek. Consensus was - she's hot. Glad I stopped in for another fun night out with my Geek Peeps.


Anonymous said...

hey grace, thanks for coming to BKLN 2.0 and the kind words here. maybe we can get AnotherFoodBlogger and other non-coders to come next month. thx, eri c

Grace Piper said...

Thx for the comment Eric. I do have a softspot for code monkeys. :) I'll look into who i have on my list that could be persuaded to make the trek to Brooklyn for drinks with geeks. I do know one of the writers at AnotherFoodBlog. -Grace