Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Cult of the Oyster at Stone Park Cafe

Pleasure. Lately I’ve been finding it every weekend in Park Slope. It’s gotten so bad that I wake up on Monday morning thinking, “Only 5 more days until heaven.” I’ve found myself on the F train daydreaming about having them.

What I’m pining for are the perfectly cooked, enormous fried oysters I’ve been having for brunch every Saturday for the past few weeks - and sometimes if I’m really strung out I go back for seconds on Sundays. They’re at Stone Park Café in Park Slope, Brooklyn at 5th Ave and 3rd St.

Tasty well seasoned thin crispy batter outside, perfectly cooked ridiculously large oysters, that are often the size of a plum inside. Good God they are good! They come on top of eggs cooked with a very good quality bacon, green onions and topped with cheddar. The first time in the restaurant the menu said the oysters were on top of a frittata, but I asked for my eggs cooked “soft”. I’m sure that pissed off the chef. I do understand what a pain in the ass it is for orders to be changed up during a busy brunch, but I am so, so sick of overcooked eggs. And, I really wanted something crispy on the plate, the oysters, with something soft, the eggs.

I also hold the potatoes and toast and want greens. (I know pain in the ass, again) They do a really simple delicious sauté with the greens with lots of roasted garlic. I’ve been converting lots of friends including a cookbook author Lyn Stallworth and AnotherFoodBlogger to the Stone Park Oyster Cult and everyone agrees that the food is phenomenal and prepared by guys who really know what they’re doing and care about what they sling on the plate. If you're looking for me some Saturday morning you know where I’ll be, at Stone Park Café, engaging in full on oyster gluttony.

Hangtown Fry – that’s what it’s called on the menu. Crispy perfectly cooked oysters on a bed of eggs, bacon and cheese.

Stone Park Cafe
5th Ave and 3rd Street

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

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Gene S. said...

i would love to see the process of those being breaded- i can never get it just right!!