Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unfancy is the New Fancy
Grace interviews Tom Mylan cofounder of Brooklyn's Unfancy Food Show about what makes his event so much fun and what kind of noise it takes to cause mass produced pigs to keel over and die.

The amazing photos in the video of Tom giving a Pig Butchering Class at The Brooklyn Kitchen are courtesy of Adam Fields. Grub Street over at New York Magazine have a great interview with Tom here.


Tom Mylan said...

OK, I admit it: I stole Adam's photos of the pork class. My only other self portraits have me with a pig head, a knife and a cigarette.

Grace Piper said...

No need to steal! I sent Adam a message through and he was happy to let me use his AMAZING photos with a link back to him. More of his killer images of you butchering pig are here

missbhavens said...

Greenmarket with booze? That's my kind of guy!